Additional Services

Excavation Specialists

Irwin GroundWorks has a team of very experienced excavation specialists who are able to complete any type of project involving earthmoving management. The most complex projects are their speciality where varied soil and rock types need to be separated and selected for the best possible use. They are able to plan, programme and carry out earthmoving management in the most efficient manner, working in and around other specialists to keep the work stream flowing. These excavation specialists and matriculated engineers will also look at more cost effective ways to carry out the clients requirements and can also advise on different value engineering options.

The firm undertakes projects large or small, including site clearance, bull dozer hire and general ground works.

Land Drainage

Client satisfaction is constantly the priority of Irwin GroundWorks. In consultation with customers, Irwin’s will offer a drainage solution for an array of situations.

Assessment of existing drains is the initial step and, if possible, renovated and improved. If new drains are required, they will be designed on the basis of the most appropriate solution.


Landscaping at premises, old or established, is always tailored to the specific requirements of the client.

Ancillary Services

Irwin GroundWorks offer many other support services. These include:

  • Heavy plant haulage
  • Tractor mounted hedge and verge cutting equipment
  • Long -reach heavy duty saw head
  • Heavy duty grass/rush cutter
  • Mole plough – water pipe installation
  • Tree surgery

Agricultural Contracting

Irwin GroundWorks has been involved in agricultural contracting since 1971 and over this time wide experience has been gained and applied in order to satisfy a wide client base.
The firm has a list of client-tailored operations in this category including:

  • Silage harvesting
  • Whole crop harvesting
  • Herbicide/pesticide spraying
  • Fertiliser application
  • Subsoiling
  • Ploughing
  • Hedge cutting
  • Grass/rush cutting
  • Land drainage
  • Bull dozer hire
  • Mole plough – water pipe installation

Irwin’s is flexible to the needs of the client, and can tailor contracts depending on the machinery required and the level of involvement the client wishes to maintain. The job will be done quickly and efficiently, with attention to detail from loyal, trustworthy staff.

If you would like to discuss your project or the services we provide then give us a call - T 07745 675 690 or email